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Six Racing Tips to Help You Win

Six Racing Tips to Help You Win

Getting ahead in the race isn’t all about stepping on the gas and going full throttle. Of course, it’s good to drive fast, but can what about driving smart? When it all boils down to it, there is more to winning car races. Here are some helpful tips that you might want to pay attention to if you seriously want to improve your game on the track. 

Study the Course

The course is not going to be a secret. Give yourself the advantage by studying it ahead of time. Identify the turns and take a closer look at the crucial breaking points. The more familiar you are with the roads, the more clinical you can be in your race approach. 

Knowing the roads like the back of your hand also allows you to anticipate any other possible scenarios that could slow you down. Look for any irregularities that may be on the road surface; study their texture as well. This information can help you control your speed better. Having this kind of preparation enables you to execute a perfect drive to the finish line. 

Mind Your Posture

From your seating position to hand placement, posture plays a crucial role in executing a smooth drive. Adjust your seat to be as comfortable as possible, which, inside a race car, means being able to have your back supported throughout the entire ride. The science is simple: you want to lean back instead of forward, away from the steering wheel, at just the right arm’s length, to maximize your speed. 

Ensure that the distance between your hands on the wheel and your torso does not limit your movement. You will need that space to make those critical turns better. Also, have a firm grip on the steering wheel. They don’t necessarily have to be at the prescribed 10 and 2 o’clock position, but as long as they are symmetrical, you can place them wherever feels most comfortable. 

Look Ahead

Where your eyes go, your body follows. The same concept applies to driving cars as well. While you make conscious decisions about when you will shift gears or how soon you will use the brake, your subconscious plays a role in how you maneuver your vehicle. 

Train yourself to focus and set your sights on the trajectory you want the car to take to make that perfect turn and get that excellent acceleration. 

Control that Corner

When approaching a corner, this theory is simple enough. Keep to the side of the road farthest from the turn’s apex point, making sure to reduce your speed until the actual turn. Right as you turn, release the brake, and make your move towards the apex point. Upon getting there, unlock the steering and then straighten it while accelerating as you make your exit. Make the most of the space in the road as you exit, going once more for the outer side of the lane farthest from the apex point. 

For easier reference, think of these turns in the pattern of Out-In-Out. Applying the tip above, make sure to focus your eyes outward as you exit the corner, so you do not end up steering the wheel too far in. 

Be Efficient with Your Steering

Steering efficiency has a significant impact on the outcome of your race. Be intentional in every movement you make and deliberate in every turn you complete. Even the smallest of steering corrections will disrupt the vehicle’s momentum and cost you time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Spend time getting to know the course up close and in person before the actual race. The more you know about every nook and cranny, the more you can feel confident about your driving decisions. Less hesitation behind the wheel translates to a more efficient maneuvering.