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Buyers Guide: Cool Pit Tools You Need At The Race Track

Buyers Guide: Cool Pit Tools You Need At The Race Track

At the track, everyone has a basic set of tools. If you are racing a car that has a low risk of breaking and doesn’t have a lot of maintenance at the track, then you may not need as many tools. However, you should have a set of tools, including a jack and jack stands, and any tools that are specific to your type of vehicle with the right performance auto parts. Having more tools is always a good idea because you never know how useful a tool is until you use it for the first time.

Spark Plug Gapper

Spark Plug Gapper:

Since new cars come with spark plugs that are designed for 100,000 and more miles, gapping plugs doesn’t happen as often. However, racers know how important this procedure is. The right plug gapper can save time and help create a more consistent and precise gap between the electrodes on the spark plugs. The tool is easy to use, making the whole process quick and accurate.

AN Wrench Set

AN Wrench Set:

While technically you can use a standard open-end wrench on AN fittings, it can mess up the anodized finishes. If the mechanic isn’t careful, it can also ruin the soft aluminum that the AN fittings are made of. Using dedicated AN wrenches will keep race car performance parts looking good.

Roadrunner’s Alloy Wrenches and adjustable wrenches would be a perfect addition to your tool collections.

Oil Pressure Tester:

If you don’t trust the oil gauge in the car or don’t have one, an oil pressure tester can tell you the actual oil pressure. One with a long hose will make it easier to read the dial.

Leak Down Tester:

This tool is useful in diagnosing any piston ring or valve seal wear. It pressurizes the combustion chamber and then reads how much air is leaked out and how fast. If a car is losing power, a leak down test can help tell you if there is something going on in the cylinder.

Tool Tray:

Keep an organized space for your tools, instead of just putting them on top of the fenders. Road runner offers a variation of the sorter to help you keep all your tools, nuts and bolts organized.

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