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Drag Racing Tips and Techniques That Every Racer Should Know

Drag Racing Tips and Techniques That Every Racer Should Know

If you are going to be stock car racing, make sure you remember safety first, and then use these drag racing tips and techniques:

Look through As Far Ahead As Possible:

It’s important to practice good hand-eye coordination for drag racing and you don’t focus on what’s directly ahead of you. You also don’t want to look at the bottom half of the windshield because looking further ahead will give your brain enough time to figure out the right response if there is a threat. Let’s meet some Drag Racing Legends who have won many championships.

The Burnout:

The burnout is designed to clean off the rear tires, so you can get maximum traction. You need to decide if you will use water to do the burnout. The best way is to look at the tires. If they are slick or have a tire composition that is used to maximum traction, then use water.

Drag Racing Tips
Tire Pressure:

You should increase the tire pressure by a few notches. The pressure should be just right, in order to give better hold to the payment. Start with low pressure and keep increasing until you get the right tire spin.

Brake with Your Left Foot:

Some of the world’s best drivers brake with their left foot. Using your left foot to brake and hovering over the brake pedal helps reduce the time it takes to slow down.

Pre Race Prep:

There are quite a few things you need to do before the start. Bring along the necessary gear and the right drag racing performance parts needed to change tires quickly and efficiently.

Drag Racing Techniques
Don’t Steer, Brake, and Accelerate at the Same Time:

Don’t do too much at once. You can steer, brake, and accelerate, but only do one at a time. If you try turning while braking, you won’t turn as much as you need to or you will start to spin.

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