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The Need for Speed: 3 Different Ways to Make Your Car Go Faster

The Need for Speed: 3 Different Ways to Make Your Car Go Faster

So you want to go faster? Some of the changes you could make include replacing stock parts with high performance automotive parts. Some are bolt-on and some take additional modifications. You could spend as little as a couple hundred or thousands to make your car go faster. Cost depends on the year, make and model, and just how fast you want to go.

Put the Car on a Diet

The easiest and cheapest way to go faster is to minimize the vehicle’s weight. In drag racing, every 100 pounds costs you a tenth of a second. Rear seat? Take it out. Metal front clip? Replace it with fiberglass. Extra stereo equipment? Remove it. Anything that lowers the weight of your vehicle without affecting performance gets removed.

Air Intake

One of the least expensive automotive performance parts is the air intake. A good K&N Cool Air filter will gain some vehicles up to a couple of horsepower. The more air your vehicle takes in and the cooler the air, the faster it will run because of the change in the air-fuel mixture. Cooler air is denser, thus the computer is going to allow more fuel to create the required air-to-fuel mixture.


If you have the bucks, add a supercharger to your engine. A supercharger forces more air into the engine, which then requires more fuel. The combination gives you quite a bit more horsepower. However, you will have to modify other aspects of the engine. For example, if you bolt on a 6-71 Weiand to a carburetted engine, you’ll need a second carb and most likely a steel crank, double keyway harmonic balancer, upgraded pistons and rods and more. A supercharger puts a lot of pressure on an engine, but it also gives you a ton of horsepower.

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