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Advice for New Car Racers

Advice for New Car Racers

Every motorsport fan has dreamed of having the opportunity to race on the track and be in Nascar’s great spotlights or the World Rally Championship. However, sometimes a lack of information truncates these dreams before many people think of even trying. The path of a professional race car driver goes beyond knowing how to drive well. It is a very demanding sport that requires great sacrifices. If you have the conviction of being a car racer, there are ways you can achieve this.

Your Well Being
The first thing you need to consider is your physical shape. This is very significant in such a demanding sport. As it is a sport where the body is subjected to extreme conditions, car racers should not have heart problems or be overweight. Regular exercise is vital to the sport. However, rest is also essential to your well being as a driver. You should also have a healthy diet to remain in good shape.

Intense Training
You should also be subject to intense training. Driving well is sometimes a natural talent, but if you don’t polish it, you will not have the ideal reflexes and judgment while racing on the tracks. Either in simulators or on the track, you have to practice regularly. It is detrimental to coming out unscathed and knowing how to maneuver the vehicle and the racing tracks.

Professional Licensing
You should also try to obtain your professional license from the relevant car racing authorities Usually, the cost allows you to maintain the license for a year before it needs to be renewed. To obtain it, in addition to the money, they ask you for authorization of the event where you will race and recommendations of at least three drivers.

Getting Sponsors
You have to try and get good sponsorships. These sponsors will pay for your equipment and car maintenance expenses after each race. It is possible to compete without these sponsors, but you have to have a lot of money because you could spend a lot of money in a year.

The Importance of Networking
The race car industry has many people of influence. To be recognized as a new talent, the network should meet the right people and make good connections. This sport works a lot through solid recommendations and recognition, especially if you want to do well. Attend events as a spectator or volunteer.

Being a Responsible Driver
Now, let’s discuss some of the checks and balances to consider as a new car racer to prepare for your event. The first tip for you to become a responsible driver behind the wheel is to adjust the seat. You will need to sit correctly to have the proper distance and strength to drive. Move the seat forward or backward as required. If the car is a standard gear, you should press the clutch down, and if it is automatic, you will press the brake pedal, and in both options, you must make sure that your knee is flexed. The next thing is to adapt the backrest straight enough so that your back is entirely at an angle of 110 to 120 degrees (which will give you body support), as well as the correct distance behind the wheel.

Check Height For Good Visibility
The second tip has to do with height. In general, it is recommended to drive with the seat as low as possible, have a greater distance from the ceiling in the event of an accident, and obtain a better point of gravity. However, this will depend on the height of the vehicle’s driver and characteristics, since good visibility will be given priority, that is, the dashboard and the windshield can be seen completely.

Positioning the Hands and Head
The next suggestion is how to position your hands when driving a vehicle. The best thing to do is put them in the “10:10 or 9:15” position, imagining that the balance wheel is the circle of an analog clock. You should never put them on the bottom, use only one hand on the top, even worse, release the remote. Ensure that the headrest is positioned correctly, with the upper part at the same level as your skull. This is done to avoid whiplash that occurs when there is a road accident.

Reducing Blind Spots
Adjust your side mirrors to reduce blind spots. This way, you can ensure that the vehicle itself is not seen in the reflection to have a view of the cars on the side. The rearview mirror must be in the center so that the entire fleet of cars can be seen.

Your Seat Belt
The seat belt must be tight to the body. The band should pass through the collarbone and be placed in the center of the chest. While the lower part over the hips and never across the abdomen. Avoid using bulky cushions or garments that affect the seat belts’ holding capacity.

Vehicle Condition
It is important to keep your car in optimal condition before using it. Check the tires and spare tire, oil, antifreeze, wiper rubbers, lights, brakes, battery, and even air conditioning, which is very useful to improve visibility in adverse weather conditions such as rain or hail.

Have Lots of Fun
To be a responsible race car driver, keep your mind on the road, stay focused, be aware of everything that happens around you to anticipate, and, in case of something unforeseen, to act quickly and avoid an accident. Have fun and enjoy the whole experience!